Handbooks for working with the 2019 CES

Great news for users of the 2019 CES! An introduction to working with the 2019 CES data in R, SPSS, or Stata is available here: We wish to thank Loleen Berdahl and Jason Roy  for creating these outstanding handbooks to accompany their 2021 release of: Explorations: Conducting Empirical Research in Canadian Political Science. 4th […]

Canadian Election Study Module Sales

The Canadian Election Study (CES) is calling for expressions of interest in purchasing survey modules for a potential spring 2021 election. As in previous elections, the CES will be fielding a large scale online survey during the campaign period as well as a post-election survey. In the past we have offered space on the survey […]

2021 C-Dem Module Competition

The 2021 C-Dem Module Competition is now open. We’re looking for survey question module proposals to be fielded in the 2021 Democracy Checkup. There will be two winners – one student and one faculty/postdoc/researcher. The deadline for proposals is January 31, 2021. More details can be found here and ici.

New Opportunities

1. Postdoctoral opportunity available at Ryerson University under the supervision of Daniel Rubenson (Ryerson). Deadline is Aug. 1, and the details are available here. 2. C-Dem is working with the Centre for Global Pluralism on a MITACs research internship under the supervision of Allison Harell (UQAM). The internship pays up to $15,000 and is open […]

2019 Canadian Election Study Data

  We are thrilled to announce that the 2019 Canadian Election Study data is now publicly available! We are thrilled to announce that the 2019 Canadian Election Study data is now publicly available! The CES this year included a dual-mode, two-wave data collection with a rolling cross-section during the 2019 federal election campaign and a […]

Canadian Election Study

C-Dem is currently wrapping up data collection for the 2019 Canadian Election Study. We gathered data from over 40,000 Canadians both online (n=34,000) and over the phone (n=4000) in the weeks leading-up to the election, as well as a three-wave online panel (n=5000) started prior to the election. This data will be publicly released in […]

C-Dem: A New Way to Study Elections in Canada

Elections are vital: they allow the public to express preferences and hold those elected accountable for their actions. The Consortium on Electoral Democracy/Consortium de la démocratie électorale (C-Dem) is reimagining election research in Canada by developing a pioneering consortium model for researchers, electoral management boards, policy makers, and civil society organizations to build upon mutual […]