We’re looking for an upper year PhD student (ABD) to work as a co-instructor with Dr. Holly Ann Garnett to administer the Undergraduate Partnered Research Programme in 2023-24. Graduate students at any Canadian institution are eligible to apply.

The Undergraduate Partnered Research Programme is a year-long internship or directed studies course during which students at Canadian universities undertake advanced study on democratic life and conduct a small research project in collaboration with a partner organization. Students receive course credit according to their institution’s policies if applicable.

This is an excellent opportunity for a PhD student to gain teaching and mentoring experience, and work with a group of strong undergraduates on exciting projects with real-world relevance. More information is available here.

Co-instructor compensation will be in the form of a $9000 stipend, paid out in two equal instalments at the start of each semester. The co-instructor will also be invited to attend the C-Dem Forum in 2024 where the students will be invited to present their research projects.

Application for the position can be made by sending a CV and cover letter to admin@c-dem.ca by July 15, 2023.