New Opportunities

1. Postdoctoral opportunity available at Ryerson University under the supervision of Daniel Rubenson (Ryerson). Deadline is Aug. 1, and the details are available here. 2. C-Dem is working with the Centre for Global Pluralism on a MITACs research internship under the supervision of Allison Harell (UQAM). The internship pays up to $15,000 and is open […]

Canadian Election Study

C-Dem is currently wrapping up data collection for the 2019 Canadian Election Study. We gathered data from over 40,000 Canadians both online (n=34,000) and over the phone (n=4000) in the weeks leading-up to the election, as well as a three-wave online panel (n=5000) started prior to the election. This data will be publicly released in […]

C-Dem: A New Way to Study Elections in Canada

Elections are vital: they allow the public to express preferences and hold those elected accountable for their actions. The Consortium on Electoral Democracy/Consortium de la démocratie électorale (C-Dem) is reimagining election research in Canada by developing a pioneering consortium model for researchers, electoral management boards, policy makers, and civil society organizations to build upon mutual […]