The Canadian Election Study team is committed to open science practices. In this spirit, we are inviting researchers to submit 500-word proposals to the Election Snapshots Challenge.

As Canada emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic and struggles with issues of national identity in light of emerging information about the genocide in residential schools and existing racism and Islamaphobia, this election has the potential to be both a referendum on the Trudeau government as well as a fight over the direction of Canadian society.

We invite submissions on any topic related to the election that can be analyzed using Canadian Election Study 2021 data. Submissions focused on relevant questions that address theoretically important or novel aspects of the election are especially encouraged.

Accepted proposals will get early access to the 2021 Canadian Election Study dataset. Access to the preliminary codebook for the campaign period survey can be found here. Access to early data will be contingent upon submission of a pre-registration plan to OSF.

We are exploring options for including all of these analyses in an open-access publication in the form of 3,500-word preregistered reports.

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis until election day (September 20). Proposals can be submitted in English or French to and should include the name, institution and position of all co-authors.