Data Collection

C-Dem will coordinate telephone and online surveys at the federal and subnational level in Canada over seven years. C-Dem will administer the Canadian Election Study, the long-standing source of public opinion data on electoral attitudes in Canada. As part of our objective to make survey research accessible, we are also making space on our surveys for the researcher community to purchase modules. Contact us at for more information.


C-Dem will incorporate extensive knowledge mobilization strategies to ensure that its collective knowledge is communicated to the maximum benefit of stakeholders through an annual Forum; an annual youth political documentary film project (PoliDoc); academic workshops; and international symposia.


C-Dem will train a new generation of high-quality personnel in survey development, analysis and communicating research to diverse publics; create hands-on training with partners through internships; and create an interactive website to provide cutting-edge social science data visualization to the public and from which a new learning tool to integrate electoral data in classrooms will be developed.